From the first to “the third day according to the Scriptures”. . .

. . . the first day, 14 Nisan, “Preparation of the Passover”, Thursday, begins :

“Evening” – Preparation for, and the Lord’s Supper

Mk.14:12, 17, Lk.22:7, 14, Jn.13:1-17:26

“Night” – Anguish, Betrayal, Denial

Mk.14:26-42, Jn.18:1-27 (Mt.12:40 – retrospective prophecy)

“Early” – Trial, Delivered, Way to Cross


Middle Day – Crucifixion, Mocking, Darkness,

Mk.15:25, 29, 33, Jn.19:23-29

“The ninth hour”, Afternoon – Died, deserted

Mt.27:46, Jn.19:30, Lk.23:48

. . . the second day, 15 Nisan, Passover Feast, “The Fore-Sabbath”, Friday, begins:

“Evening” – Jews, “after this”, Joseph

                        Jn.19:31-40, Mk.15:42, Mt.27:57, Lk.23:52;

“Night” – Took the body down, prepared

Mk.15:42-46b, Mt.27:58-59,  Lk.23:53a Jn.19:32-40

“Afternoon” –  Buried

Mk.15:46c-47, Mt.27:60-61, Lk.23:53b-56b, Jn.19:41-42

. . . “the third day”, 16 Nisan, First Sheaf Wave Offering, “Sabbath”, begins :

“Began to rest”

Lukas 23:56c

“Afternoon” –  Resurrection

Only Matthew 28:1-4 (Mk.16:9 – implied)

. . . the fourth day, 17 Nisan, Sunday, begins :

“The Sabbath past”

Only Mark 16:1

“Early darkness”, first sight of opened grave

                        Only John 20:1-2

“Deep morning”, planned visit, Marys, Salome and other women

            Only Luke 24:1-11

“Very early dawn”, Marys and Salome affirm

Only Mark 16:2 further (Lk.24:24 – implied)

“Early”, Sunrise, first Appearance to Mary only

                        Only John 20:11-18 (Mk.16:9 – reference)

Early daylight – second appearance, to other women

Only Matthew 28:5-15

“Afternoon”, Appearance to two “disciples”

                        Only Luke 24:13-32, (Mk.16:12-13 – implied)

. . . the fifth day, 18 Nisan, Monday, begins :

“Being evening (that day having been the First Day)”, upper room

Lk.23:33 further, Jn.20:19 further, Mk.16:14

“So shall the Son of Man have been in the heart of the earth for three days and for three nights” when raised from the dead “for a sign”! Matthew 12:40.