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Was The Messiah Resurrected On A Sunday?


Yahweh's days begin and end at Sunset from "Even" to "Even". (Leviticus 23:32)
The First (Old) Testament (Physical) perfectly parallels the Last (New) Testament (Spiritual). (Isaiah 41:22, and by observation. An example being the Old and New Testament "Passover".)
The Sabbath was a "High Sabbath" (Meaning An Annual Sabbath) (John 19:31)
Roosters crow at Sunset and Sunrise, but "Sunset" (or near sunset) was made obvious by the context of the verses (Matthew 26:34). [1]
The 1st day of "Unleavened Bread" was the beginning of "Passover.[2] (Exodus 12:18, and Leviticus 23:5)
Messiah Yahshua sacrificed his life at the end of the "Preparation Day”, which is the day before The First Day of Unleavened Bread (Passover - see chart below), and in doing so became "The Spiritual Sacrificial Lamb"[3] (and our High Priest) just in time[4] for the beginning of the "Passover". (Mark 15:42)[5]

Note: Some well meaning Yahwists, and others, have stated that Messiah Yahshua's Self-sacrifice was not accepted as a "First of the First Fruits" (wave sheaf Omer) until the appointed time that the Jewish High Priest actually offered up the "Wave Sheaf" on the day after "Passover." What these well meaning Yahwists have forgotten is that Messiah Yahshua became the NEW HIGH PRIEST at his death, and that the tearing into two from top to bottom of the Temple Veil (Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38, Luke 23:45) reinforces that fact. In other words the Jewish High Priests were removed from their office by Messiah Yahshua from that very moment at Sunset as the "Preparation Day of Passover" ended, and he remains so to this very day. He became the "Passover Lamb," and claimed the position of "High Priest," at the INSTANT of his death.__Additionally, It was not Messiah Yahshua's ascension (as they assumed) that indicated acceptance of Messiah Yahshua as the First of the First Fruits (Wave Sheaf Omer), but his resurrection from the physically dead.[6]__Messiah Yahshua was BEGOTTEN as Yahweh's First Born Son (First of the First Fruits) at the instant he was resurrected from the physically dead[7] and given immortality at sunset[8] at the end of the weekly Sabbath that occurred after the First Day of Unleavened Bread (Passover).[9]

Yahshua Messiah was in the Grave (Hades)[10] three FULL nights and three FULL[11] days (Matthew 12:40 - THREE FULL "Even to Evens")[12], as was Jonah (or Jonas) in the belly of the whale (or Great Fish)[13]. (SEE VERSES BELOW)

Note: Some well meaning Yahwists, and others, have stated that Messiah Yahshua was only in the Earth three generic days, and go to great lengths to try to prove it, BUT IF this was the intent of the verses (Matthew 12:40, etc.) then it makes ZERO sense to mention the night time periods at all. Why not just simply say, "Three Days?"__CLEARLY these are not three generic days, but three "Evens to Evens."[14].

Therefore, the "New Covenant" "Wave Sheaf Omer" (Messiah Yahshua) was accepted by Yahweh at Sunset at the end of the Weekly Sabbath.[15] Thus, making Pentecost the 50th day (a Sunday)[16] following the weekly Sabbath that occurs during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

When Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the Grave, Messiah Yahshua HAD ALREADY RISEN... BEFORE THEY ARRIVED!!! (MATTHEW 28:1) As A Matter Of Fact, A Full Night Before. __Intelligent and virtuous Hebrew women, and intelligent and protective Hebrew men do not wander or prowl around at night. Only robbers, thieves, murderers, the homeless, and soldiers wander and/or prowl around at night. Which is a very good reason to stay home with your family, and wait for daybreak before checking on a grave site.
PASSOVER is an Annual Sabbath (a High Day or Yachal). Saturday (even to even) is a Weekly Sabbath.

Note: The ROOT Word for this High Day is "YACHAL", which means, "That which is painfully waited for with great anticipation" ... Clearly NOT a weekly Sabbath, but a long awaited "Annual Sabbath".

The First Testament animal sacrifices were always at Sunset (Evening) symbolizing that Messiah Yahshua our Sacrifice would, also, be at Sunset in the Evening period.

 Exodus 12:5-6 Your lamb (Messiah Yahshua) shall be without blemish (Pure), a male (Messiah Yahshua, son of Yahweh) a year old (Innocent). You shall take it from the sheep, or from the goats: and you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month; and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel (prophecy) shall KILL IT AT EVENING (SUNSET.... which is the precise time when Yahshua Messiah was crucified). Which means that Yahshua was, also, raised from the dead at SUNSET three full nights and three full daylight periods later, and not on a Sunday morning.
Know This: Yahweh was absolutely required to bring about the Sacrifice of "The Lamb of G_d" in the same exact manner, and according to the same exact schedule as the old animal sacrifices. Otherwise the significance of The Messiah being the New Covenant Passover would have no true parallel to The Old Covenant Passover, and therefore, could not be taken seriously, BUT The Power of Yahweh caused this to happen exactly as prophesied.

Jonah 1:17 Now the Lord Yahweh had (specially) prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah (or Jonas). And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.


 Matthew 12:40 For as Jonas (or Jonah) was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the Earth (Hades or the Grave[17]).

Matthew 28:1 In the END of the Sabbath (EVENING OR SUNSET - Leviticus 23:32[18]), as (when) it began to dawn (Approximately 8 to10 hours later near daybreak)[19] toward the first day of the week (Sunday), came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.

Note: Messiah Yahshua HAD ALREADY RISEN (past tense). Yahshua Messiah did not need the rock to be rolled away in order to be Risen from The Dead. When the two Marys arrived in the early morning hours, Yahshua Messiah WAS NOT THERE ![20] Which Brings Out Another Point... What Is The Use Of Sunrise Services? Did The Two Marys actually see Messiah Yahshua Rise From The Dead At Sunrise?... Absolutely NOT !

Therefore: Messiah Yahshua our PASSOVER DIED at "EVEN"[21] (The beginning of the FIRST NIGHT[22]), then arose from the dead "IMMEDIATELY AFTER"[23] three FULL Evenings (3 periods of darkness), and three Full Daylight Periods. Since the 3 days and 3 nights began at[24] "EVEN" (Sunset), then it MUST, ALSO, END at "EVEN" (Sunset). THUS Yahshua Messiah DID NOT ARISE ON SUNDAY MORNING[25]... HE had "ALREADY RISEN" at "EVEN" ON SATURDAY (Very Late In The Day Of The Weekly Sabbath, And Just Prior To Dark).

Note: It is NOT NECESSARY[26] to know on which day Messiah Yahshua was Crucified in order to understand that Messiah Yahshua DIED AND WAS RESURRECTED AT "EVEN" PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF SUNDAY! Therefore: A Sunday Resurrection Is A Total IMPOSSIBILITY !

Matthew 12:8 For the Son of man (Messiah Yahshua) is Lord even of the Sabbath Day. Why Am I Not Surprised? After All He Was Born During The Sabbath Month Of Tishri, He Was Crucified Minutes or Seconds Prior[27] to the ANNUAL Sabbath (at Sunset/Even), He Was Resurrected and Spiritually Begotten Minutes or Seconds Prior to the End of the WEEKLY Sabbath (At Sunset/Even), And He Will Rule The Earth as Yahweh's Ambassador During The Sabbath Millennium.

 Final Note: Where is it written that the day of Messiah's Resurrection is to change Yahweh's Times and Laws? The Prophet Daniel warned us about those who would "Change Yahweh's Times and Commandments (Laws)." (Daniel 7:8, 21-27) "I beheld, and the same horn (little horn) made war with the saints, and prevailed against them . . . . And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and think to change times and laws.

[1]  Supposes any crow DURING “this” – prospective – night.

[2]  Strictly speaking, incorrect. ‘Passover’-period (of eight days) began with the day of slaughter – 14 Nisan. Fifteen Nisan was the first day of Unleavened Bread Feast-period of seven days. Fifteen Nisan was the ‘Feast’ or ‘eat’-day of Passover, in Lv23:11 called, the Passover’s “Sabbath-day”.

[3] Why have “The Spiritual Sacrificial Lamb” in parenthesis? Do you quote somebody else?

[4] Not only “just in time for the beginning of “Passover””, but in fact as such the beginning of Passover.

[5] Agreed! “Preparation Day” though, of Passover’s “Sabbath Day” – not “Preparation Day” of the weekly Sabbath (Jn19:14).

[6] Amen and Alleluia! See my repudiation of the Seventh Day Adventists who also hold this erroneous assumption.

[7] The mystery of Godliness, since Jesus as the Son of God like God the Father is from everlasting to everlasting.

[8] When and as He rose – “Late IN, the Sabbath’s Day, light-being towards the First Day”, Mt28:1, which was ‘after-noon-proper’, as ‘epi-phos-k-ousehi’ can also be rendered literally.

[9] 100%! The First Day of Unleavened Bread was the Passover-Sabbath.

[10] WRONG. The grave and Hades aren’t the same; death and the domain of death are viewed as Hades.

[11] Never so stipulated in the Scriptures. Jesus’ words literally mean “OF three days as OF three nights” – any representative and representing whole or part “OF” any of each day or night.

[12] Again, not thus described or limited anywhere in the Scriptures. Why, in any case? It’s so unnecessary!

[13] “Yahshua Messiah was in the grave … as was Jonah in the belly of the whale …” Another unnecessary and unwarranted observation. Mt12:40 reads, “As Jonah was in the belly of the big fish three days and three nights, so shall the Son of Man be IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH three days and three nights”. Jonah didn’t die; Jesus did! Jonah felt like he tasted death; Jesus really and actually ‘tasted death’ – EXPERIENCED DEATH, and HELL, LIVE and LIVING – spiritually, divinely, omnipotently, eternally more than physically.

[14] Self-contradictory because “even to even” comprises both day-part of day and night-part of day. Nevertheless, yes, “clearly these are not three generic days”, but just what the text says they were, “three days, and three nights” – three of each, altogether comprising three generic days – not more nor less than three generic days of one day and one night each.


[15] Time description inaccurate! Jesus died three o’clock and rose three o’clock, “In Sabbath’s(-time) full daylight before the First Day of the week” – is what the Greek, ‘opse de sabbatohn epiphohskousehi eis mian sabbatohn’, literally and intentionally says.

[16] How did you manage to reach this conclusion? If the (weekly) Sabbath had been “the day after the (yearly Passover) Sabbath” of Nisan 15, consequently the (weekly) Sabbath was Nisan 16 and day of “First Sheaf Wave Offering”. Then how do you get the fiftieth day after, a Sunday? It again fell on the Sabbath!

[17] No more than an assertion, unwarranted! This is your basic mistake. Hades – “the heart of the earth” in figurative language – is not the grave; it is death and the realm of death – hell! Jesus began to experience hell while alive, and from the beginning hours of the day of His crucifixion and death; from when He declared that His ‘hour had come’ and that of evil men.

[18] ‘Evening’ comes after ‘sunset’. “In the end of the Sabbath” is not  “sunset”; ‘sunset’ is the moment of the end of the Sabbath AS WELL AS of the beginning of the First Day. “In the end of the Sabbath” was the end-part of that day, “it-being-in-light-shining of Sabbath’s (sabbatohn epi-phos-k-ousehi)”. Daylight it was, yet “late (opse) while-declining-light-towards-the First Day”: “Towards (eis)” sunset was it, when Sunday – still prospective – would begin. Simply: “It was late and the Sabbath’s afternoon”.

[19] “Dawn” here means the “period preceding” (Collins et al) – which was “the Sabbath’s afternoon” – the start of Sunday; it has no relation in this context with the dawn of morning. As the ‘dawn of the twenty first century’ was the last part of the twentieth century, so “the dawn of the First Day” was the last part of the Sabbath – its “afternoon”, literally, for ‘epiphoskousehi’. “In the end of the Sabbath” and “as it began to dawn towards the First Day”, describe one and the same point in time.

[20] Nevertheless the mention of the stone being rolled away is nothing like cursorily, but vividly and intentionally marks the event, day and time of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. When in the early morning hours the two Marys arrived at the grave, they found the “rock to be rolled away” – but here in Matthew it says, “Then suddenly, look! a great earthquake occurred because an angel of the Lord descending out of heaven and approaching the stone, rolled it away and sat upon it.” Time and event are great and marvellous and both one and immediate. One time and one event are mentioned in Matthew 28:1; not two “8 to 10 hours” apart!

[21] Quite contrary to what the Scriptures says, namely, that Jesus gave the spirit, i.e., died, “the third hour” – mid-afternoon exactly, which exactly is the hour described of His resurrection on the third day, named to have been the (weekly) “Sabbath” in Mt28:1.

[22] Christ Jesus our Passover died, “mid-afternoon Sabbath’s” – verified, “Late Sabbath’s” by the first time-phrase – NOT “the beginning of the first night”, but the end of the first of the ‘three days’.

[23] Jesus did not arise “immediately after” the Sabbath, but “In the Sabbath” or “On the Sabbath”. Neither did He rise after a ‘full daylight period’, but “in” the third or “on” the third of the ‘three days (and three nights)”, so that the event and time of His rising marked the third of the ‘three days and three nights’.

[24] Day does not begin “at even” – which is still before the next day begins; day begins with evening which starts as the sun has set. Day, therefore – as you have observed – “ENDS at EVEN (SUNSET)”

[25] If as you have said Jesus rose “immediately after three full … periods of darkness and three full daylight periods”, then He would have risen on the day after – which would have been on Sunday.

But you are right, “THUS Yahshua Messiah DID NOT ARISE ON SUNDAY MORNING[25]... HE had "ALREADY RISEN" . . . ON SATURDAY”. Yet not, “very late in the Day of the weekly Sabbath”, or, “just prior to dark”, but – strictly to the contents and intent and essence of the Text, “Late in the Day of the weekly Sabbath” – which still was “in the epi-centre of it being light, BEFORE the First Day of the week”, or “prior to the beginning of Sunday” – Well said!.

[26] Yes, the text is plain enough! Yet “according to the Scriptures the third day”, demands a complete picture of the Passover events, times and dates. Now if Jesus rose from the dead “the third day” and on the third of “the three days and three nights” He had spoken of, then by simple counting He should have been crucified on Thursday – which conclusion is supported and confirmed one hundred percent by all the many aspects and factors of the Passover Prophecy and Promise. So God ordained, and so it happened.

[27] Have you forgotten the texts that state that Jesus died 3 o’clock, “the ninth hour, three hours before or “prior to the annual Sabbath” – three hours before ‘sunset/evening’”? Jesus’ death – or rather the moment and event of His dying – marked day one of the three days of Passover Prophecy; that day having begun with its evening – the night in which Jesus went to table with His disciples and of Gethsemane’s tasting of death’s pangs? . . . until He broke the bonds of hell and rose again to immortal LIFE!