Rest and Work


"Absolutely!!! So can I!!! If observing the saturday sabbath is what someone wants to do, by all means, do it!! The problem is the claim that those who do not worship on saturday are defying God, and that is totally untrue."

Not quite! For two things, first, that it is not just up to anybody to decide he wants to worship on Saturday (or Sabbath). That would be pure legalism! It would be pure legalism if somebody would just decide for himself, he is going to worship on Sundays! What sets one free of legalism, is to let go of one's own law and rules and likes and dislikes, and to believe the Lord for what is desirable to Him. For that to find out, one has to turn to the Scriptures.

Next, Yes, God told the Israelites there in the desert: This is your obligation for the Seventh Day; Your duty shall be: Go to your tents and stay there --- no matter how the sun will burn - I shall provide shade and comfort - "The cloud was Christ". Now that was the work - the work of rest, God for the Seventh Day commanded.

God still commands work, for the rest of the Sabbath. It is irrelevant what sort of work; the rest God commands for the Sabbath Day is work – man's work of duty. So, is his duty calling on him to go out to war on the Sabbath, then that in obedience to God, shall be his rest upon the Sabbath Day. And this is not taking a long shot into fantasy-world. The Scriptures gives several such examples, like when Jericho was taken, and when David conquered Goliath, and the idolatress Athaliah was killed and the son of the king was crowned, and the temple Ahaz polluted so, was cleansed physically, and when the Israelites 'passed over' on the Sabbath Day, and when God Himself by works against the powers of nothingness, darkness and chaos, created to on the Seventh Day have rested in peace availed through ultimate effort ... "from all, His works"!

The answer to the question of what obedience on the Sabbath Day is, therefore is not whether one should obey the law that has been written for the transgressors of it, but, whether one should obey the Living Word of God that is Christ whom God gave to save the transgressors of the Law. It is God's Living Command which makes either rest or work the act of obedience and rest, on and of, His Holy Day.

It is manifestly clear no one not living in living relationship with this God, will understand.


To the law and to the prophets ---- Come unto Me all ye that labour ---- all ye heavy laden : with Law? --- Take my yoke upon you ----
Christ is God's Word; Christ is God's Law; His only, Law.

Did Jesus teach the Sabbath?
He did!

Did Jesus keep the Sabbath?
He did!

Was Jesus the Sabbath?
He was not!

Was Jesus the Rest of God?
He was and still and forever is!

How did Jesus obey, how did he create, how did he live, and how did he institute and confirm the Sabbath "The Sabbath of the LORD your Mighty God" at its most?

Where most, yea, where being perfected, He was made LORD, Rex Lex; Lex Rex!

Where and when and how was that?
"When God raised Christ from the dead"
in "Triumph in it"
when "death is swallowed up in Victory":

Quote, literally:
"In the Sabbath's fullness of day, light being mid-afternoon towards the First Day of the week ...."


Has this been, Quote,
"lacking scriptural foundation--- plain and simple--- ;
has this been, "civil"?
Has this "accidentally turn(ed) in the direction of debating church doctrine"?
It did.
Is this my "soap box favorite theme"?
It is.

Is this "without biblical exegesis proving (my) point"?
No; it solidly rests on 'biblical exegesis proving (my) point'.
Does it require that I or 'the others', 'must be willing to repent, and seek only the biblical analysis'?
It does!
Because this, has been "not what any other authority has deemed doctrine", but plain, literal Scripture", without "personal prophetic knowledge not in agreement with Scripture".

Therefore, thank you for allowing this to go before the forum.
First, and last: "Because first this forum is for people who wish to study the Scriptures, we are not studying church authorities’ words, ideas, platitudes, etcetera. Nor are we studying any man's ideals other than those inspired by the Holy Spirit as detailed in the Bible period".